Cabinets - Wood Species

These are the most common types of wood products available for kitchen cabinets. This is the wood in its natural state, without finishes or stains so you can see its original beauty and style. Whether you opt for the natural beauty of wood or prefer the clean look of Laminate finish, you can be certain that our kitchen cabinets will create a kitchen, (or bathroom) that’s uniquely you.


Very strong wood with distinct grain patterns.

Grain variations create a color gradation when stain is applied.

Grain patterns include fine lines, pin stripes, leafy grains, and
watery figures. 


Strong, resilient wood with a uniform tight grain and smooth,
even appearance.

Mineral streaks are common and will appear darker with stain.

Subtle wood grain markings include fine lines and wavy or
curly graining. 


Smooth, extremely strong, close-grained wood with a flowing grain pattern.

Characteristics include pecks, mineral streaks, and burls.

Even texture welcomes a full range of finishes with ease.

Drastic changes from light to dark in wood grain.

Dramatic, rugged appearance. 


Top-of-the-line hardwood with a rich, natural reddish-brown tone.

Uniform tight grain allows finishes to be applied with ease.

Characteristics include mineral streaks, pin knots, and curly graining.

Darkens with age and exposure to light.

Smooth wood grain pattern with random markings. 


Molded decorative door profile with a durable yet attractive finish offers care-free maintenance. In addition to a uniform appearance, your cabinets may have:

Sleek surface.

Designed to replicate a painted finish.

Creates a fresh, contemporary feel that is also at home in a more traditional setting.

Color may change slightly over time, depending on environmental conditions. 


Even-textured, fine-grained wood with a curly or wavy pattern.

Strong and heavy with a high resistance to abrasion.

Smooth, dense surface texture.

Paints, stains, and polishes apply with perfection.

Tight wood grain appearance. 

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